Feb 07, 2023 by HM

House prices in Hooton (CH66 7)

Unfortunately there are insufficient recent sales in Hooton (CH66 7) for us to compile our usual analysis.

If we have data for neighbouring postcode sectors these are listed below:

Postcode sector Lower quartile Middle quartile Upper quartile
CH66 4 Great Sutton £2,320m2 £2,630m2 £3,070m2
CH66 1 Ellesmere Port £1,800m2 £2,290m2 £2,660m2
CH66 6 Hooton £2,550m2 £2,620m2 £2,680m2
CH66 2 Great Sutton £2,480m2 £2,750m2 £3,120m2
CH66 3 Great Sutton £1,790m2 £2,050m2 £2,360m2
CH66 9 Ledsham £3,200m2 £3,200m2 £3,200m2
CH66 8 Ledsham £2,740m2 £2,740m2 £2,740m2
CH66 5 Childer Thornton £2,670m2 £3,310m2 £3,660m2
CH66 7 Hooton £3,260m2 £3,280m2 £3,300m2

See the entire list of all sales in Hooton (CH66 7) here.


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