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House prices in Barn Close (BB2 1)

This article reveals price per square metre data and various charts to help you understand current housing market in Barn Close (BB2 1).

Defining 'BB2 1'

This analysis is limited to properties whose postcode starts with "BB2 1", this is also called the postcode sector. It is shown in red on the map above. You can click on the map labels to change to a neighbouring sector.

Price per square metre

Knowing the average house price in Barn Close is not much use. However, knowing average price per square metre can be quite useful. Price per sqm allows some comparison between properties of different size. We define price per square metre as the sold price divided by the internal area of a property:

£ per sqm = price ÷ internal area
E.g. 175, Redlam, Barn Close, Blackburn, sold for £75,500 on Jan-2024. Given the internal area of 73 square metres, the price per sqm is £1,034.

England & Wales have been officially metric for many decades. However house price per square foot is sometimes prefered by those of sufficiently advanced age. ;-) They may want to convert metres on this page to square feet.

The chart below is called a histogram, it helps you see the distribution of this house price per sqm data. To make this chart we put the sales data into a series of £ per sqm 'buckets' (e.g. £1,900-£2,000, £2,000-£2,100, £2,100-£2,200 etc...) we then count the number of sales with within in each bucket and plot the results. The chart is based on 71 sales in Barn Close (BB2 1) that took place in the last two years.

Distribution of £ per sqm for Barn Close (BB2 1)
Distribution of £ per sqm house prices in Barn Close

You can see the spread of prices above. This is because although internal area is a key factor in determining valuation, it is not the only factor. Many factors other than size affect desirability; these factors could be condition, aspect, garden size, negotiating power of the vendor etc.

The spread of prices will give you a feel of the typical range to expect in Barn Close (BB2 1). Of the 71 transactions, half were sold for between £980 and £1,340 per square metre. The median, or 'middle', price per square metre in 'BB2 1' is £1,100. Notably, only 25% of properties that sold recently were valued at more than £1,340m2. For anything to be valued more than this means it has to be more desireable than the clear majority of homes.

Price map for Barn Close

Do have a look at the interactive price map I created. I find it useful and I am sure it will help you in exploring Barn Close. You can zoom in all the way to individual properties and then all the way back out to see the whole country. The colours show the current estimated property values.

Property price heatmap for Barn Close
House price heatmap for Barn Close

Comparison with neighbouring postcode sectors

The table below shows how 'BB2 1' compares to neighbouring postcode sectors.

Postcode sector Lower quartile Middle quartile Upper quartile
BB2 1 Barn Close £980m2 £1,100m2 £1,340m2
BB2 7 Mellor £2,200m2 £2,520m2 £2,810m2
BB2 2 Blackburn £980m2 £1,190m2 £1,440m2
BB2 4 Feniscowles £930m2 £1,260m2 £2,050m2
BB2 5 Feniscowles £2,060m2 £2,340m2 £2,640m2
BB2 6 Pleasington £1,090m2 £1,360m2 £1,630m2
BB2 3 Barn Close £970m2 £1,400m2 £1,930m2

Will Barn Close house prices drop in 2024?

I cannot tell the future and don't believe anyone who says they can. I can however plot price trends - I have done this in the scatter plot below for BB2 1 (Barn Close). From this one could infer a range of reasonable possible future price falls or rises. In the chart below, the red dashed line is the house price trend for BB2 1 and the blue dots are the individual property sales that inform this trend.

Price per square metre in Barn Close (BB2 1) over time
House price trends for Barn Close

Hover on any blue dot to see details of specific sales

Disclaimer: The data provided throughout this website about Barn Close and any other area, is not financial advice. Any information provided does not and cannot ever take in to account the particular financial situation, objectives or property needs of either you or anyone reading this information. Furthermore, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any data shown. This information is based on sold prices and internal area data provided by Land Registry and other third parties - I do not verify the accuracy of the Barn Close data or any other data I am given.

Street level data

Street Avg size Avg £/m2 Recent sales
Redlam, Barn Close, BB2 1U 95m2 £889 20
Pleasington Close, Barn Close, BB2 1T 86m2 £2,017 9
Redlam, Barn Close, BB2 1X 102m2 £1,017 7
Alder Bank, Barn Close, BB2 1U 67m2 £1,575 6
St Philips Street, Barn Close, BB2 1U 77m2 £1,021 6
Rutland Street, Barn Close, BB2 1U 62m2 £1,110 5

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Raw data

Our analysis of Barn Close is derived from what is essentially a big table of sold prices from Land Registry with added property size information. Below are three rows from this table to give you an idea.

Address Paid m2 £/m2
175, Redlam, Barn Close, Blackburn £75,500
73 1,034
80, Lansdowne St, Barn Close, Blackburn £92,000
83 1,108
165, Redlam, Barn Close, Blackburn £137,000
132 1,037

See the entire list of all sales in Barn Close (BB2 1) here.


HouseMetric is a hobby, created out of a desire to see data and analysis not present on any free to use website. It is still a work in progress and I'll add more stuff in the near future.